Lina Kay Photography

It doesn’t matter what you feel when you look at my images, as long as you feel. I can’t ask for more than that
— Lina Kay


Lina Kay is a fashion, fine arts and conceptual photographer from Sydney Australia.


Lina's unique ability to tell stories through imagery, has seen her feature in galleries around Sydney, and fashion magazines around the globe.

"Poetic, magical, enchanting and emotional are just some of the words used to describe the talented Lina Kay's photography, and we could not agree more. There is a unique quality evident in her work that allows the viewer to escape into another realm - one of perhaps fairy tales or dreams. It is this dreamy, whimsical aesthetic that we love the most, as it increases our awareness of the natural beauty that surrounds us, and for that, we truly want to thank Lina Kay!" - Whim Magazine